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Jacob Results

23rd June 2013. Whitstable & District.
1st in 'Junior'
2nd in 'Post Graduate'

16th June 2013. Border Union Championship Show.
1st in 'Puppy'
1st in 'Junior'

8th June 2013. Three Counties Championship Show.
2nd in 'Puppy'
3rd in 'Junior'

19th May 2013. Coventy & District.
Best Puppy In Breed
1st in 'Puppy'  "Headed a nice class.  Attractive puppy with excellent expression, good ears and very nice eye.  Liked his body proportion - gaving a pleasing outline.  Moved in great style though at this age there will be some more muscle development in front to tighten everything up.  Excellent for type".  Critque by T J Head Richards.
3rd in 'Post Graduate'

18th May 2013. Redditch & District.
Best Puppy In Breed, Reserve Best of Breed, Working Puppy Group 2
1st in 'Junior'
1st in 'Graduate'

15th May 2013. National Championship Show.
Best Puppy In Breed
1st in 'Puppy'  "This young boy is very impressive, full of quality, he is strong in head, bone and body.  His balance and construction is difficult to fault at this young age and moves very true on the up and back for one so young.  He appears to have done the majority of his growing.  Currently in full puppy coat which gives the illusion he is heavier than he actually is at this stage of his development"  Critque by Anthony P Rees
1st in 'Junior'

1st April 2013. Dunstable & District.
Best Puppy In Breed, Reserve Best of Breed, Working Puppy Group 1
1st in 'Junior'  "Male of 8 months who I liked for his shape and size.  Masculine head with intelligent expression, correct bite and good ear - set.  Would like chest to develop more but am sure this will come in time and improve an immature front.  Nicely angulated in front and rear with good length of rib.  Firm topline which he held well both on the stand and the move".  Critque by Cath Moffat

Working Puppy Group 1  "8 months Sibe, foxy head, good body shape and top line, well handled and in good coat, very light on feet, won this group with room to spare".  Critique by Bridgett Bodle

21st March 2013. Horsham.
Best Puppy In Breed, Best of Breed, Working Puppy Group 4
1st in 'Post Grad'  " Only 8 months.  Dark eyes, erect ears used well, plush coat.  Lively and wants to work.  Ex ribbing.  Ex rear angulation.  Strong in bone".  Critque by Jane Paradise

2nd March 2013. Romford & District.
Best Puppy In Breed, Working Puppy Group 3
1st in 'Junior'  " 7 month old male.  Absolutely super young man, well proportioned with well developed muscle.  Moderate bone and head with medium length muzzle.  Nice shape eye and medium ear.  Tight flews and correct bite.  Well laid back shoulder, slightly sloping pastern.  Level top line and well muscled thighs.  Just needs time to develop and will be pushing for BOB placings".  Critque by V Partridge-Bebb

17th February 2013. Horley & District.
Best Puppy In Breed, Reserve Best of Breed, Working Puppy Group 3
1st in 'Junior' "  A 6 month old male, very stricking in appearance, balanced and inproportion without exaggeration, head of the correct proportions, well held ears and almond shaped eyes.  Strong neck, well laid shoulders and the correctly, slightly laid back upper arms.  Deep brisket and well ribbed back, tucked up under loin and well angulated rear quarters. He moved well coming and going with reach and drive in profile, a very promising youngster".  Critque by Ian Sexton 

2nd February 2013. Rugby & District.
Best Puppy In Breed, Working Puppy Group 1, BEST PUPPY IN SHOW
1st in 'Junior'
Best Puppy In Show. "Another very sound exhibit with a good head and expression.  Seemed good in neck and topline and had enough but not too much body or substance.  Good neck well carried and correct compact feet.  Again it was soundness in movement that carried this dog".   Critque by Ronnie Irving


27th January 2013. City of Cambridge.
2nd in 'Junior'